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Thank you so much for visiting my web shop! Please, take a look around as I am sure you will find the perfect item; be it timeless jewelry or a great piece of artwork to beautify your home. Everything you find in my web store are products I have handpicked from my home country Denmark, on travels, and created myself. Every item is made by hand or produced by a small-scale operation that supports the local economy. I have great respect for the entire process from initial design to the final product as well as the artist who creates our pieces. I feel it is important to support artists and share their talents with the world and I am happy you feel the same! 


For all the products I sell, I believe in three things.

PASSION for the products I sell. Every artist represented stands behind their products and are passionate about every detail. This is my personal journey and I am pleased to invite you to this share the experience with me.

I believe in bringing handmade products together from across the globe. Our world is full of culture and vibrant with life, and I want to put this culture and life at your fingertips. I call this FUSION; a fusion of products and artists I bring together on this website for you to enjoy.

I believe in selling products of QUALITY that you can appreciate for years to come.


Please feel free to email if you have any questions, concerns or ideas you want to share - - I would love to hear from you!